Laura and I have put together some of our favourite images from this past season!  Thanks for a great 2015.  We are really excited for everything 2016 will bring!!


I shot this in the spring of ’15.  Mike and Junell were great throughout the session but this one was the best of the bunch for me.  I love the feeling of “alone-ness” the environment gives and the colours are so great!  – BW


My first pick! We do love shooting at Angus Glen and this is just one reason why.  This one is really a simple portrait but I love how everything comes together and compliments Stephanie and Steven.  – LW


Who doesn’t love a lakeside wedding? Lyndsey and Christina had a great location for their wedding and the both the weather and the people were gorgeous!  – BW


Okay I cheated! I just couldn’t pick between these two.  There is just a great sense of both happiness and relief that washes over everyone once the ceremony is complete and everyone starts cheering.  Always one of my favourite moments at a wedding – LW


This was a fun session.  Eva and Ian brought a lot of ideas to the table and they were so much fun to work with.  It was also a nice change to do a shoot downtown.  Can’t wait for their wedding this June!  – BW


I think the reason I love this image so much is that it represents Mike and Junell.  They met while at a dance class and they just look so good together here.  You could always tell how much fun they were having with each other.   – LW


I love first dances.  It’s one of the traditions that I hope is always in vogue.  It is such a special moment for the couple, a quiet moment that is both private and public.  You can often see how a couple is lost in their own word during the dance, while everyone around them is so happy watching. – BW


This one is a little special because of how well we know Allison and Keith.  I just love the look they are sharing in this photo.  – LW


This is a great one.  It is a moment just for them after they have left all their friends and families behind after their ceremony.  To me it’s a look that just screams love and joy.  – BW


We had a lot of fun with these girls.  Here Lisa is reading a message from David the morning of the wedding.  Everyone was looking amazing and feeling nice and relaxed before the day really started. – LW


Caitlin and Thomas are getting married in February of this year and I’m really excited to work with them again.  So easy to make these two look good.  To me this one is equal parts cute and romantic.  – BW


The time has finally arrived.  Relief, happiness, nerves, it’s all here before the walk down the aisle.  – LW


Expressions, colours, dogs! A lot of great elements in this one but it is just the overall feeling of happiness that makes this group photo a winner for me. – BW


When we can we like to do one last portrait to finish the night with our couples.  This is one last moment from Sarah and Trevor’s wedding at the Club at Bond Head.  – LW


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